Do you remember that kid who got into the weird fight at school, later threw a wild party, and then went on to sleep in a yurt in Mongolia before returning home to start a thriving bicycle shop? I’m not that kid. I’m the other one who told those stories years later, so that people would pass them on, and because they were just darned fun to tell.

I’ve written for businesses and publications, told stories on radio and TV, and at every opportunity exchanged stories with strangers in bus lines, on beaches, and inside cafes. Sometimes serious, sometimes goofy, I am always curious about what makes others so uniquely powerful and memorable. (Although I haven’t slept in a yurt, I have slept on some of those beaches, so I get it.)

I’m still that other kid. What story do you want me to tell?
I’d love to hear it. Even more, I’d love to write it.