Steve Stevens

is an experienced songwriter and outstanding guitarist who has been playing the open stages of Toronto for years, most notably that of Free Times Café. His mellow style and heartfelt lyrics, influenced by the music of John Lennon and Cat Stevens, are perfect for an evening of easygoing entertainment and reflective enjoyment. So hang out,…


…will shine as STEVE STEVENS returns to the stage, passionate, unjaded, delivering his unique blend of heartfelt lyrics and mellow guitar. Influenced for years by the work of John Lennon, Cat Stevens and Lou Reed, he has created his own raw, unfettered sound. Steve once started and led a band called First Impressions. A youthful…

York Region Character Community

Article appeared in the April 2007 issue of Municipal World magazine

By Tom G. Kernaghan

“The better a State is constituted, the more do public affairs intrude upon private affairs in the minds of the citizens.”
Jean Jacques Rousseau
The Social Contract

Character is working in York Region. For the past five years, the nine municipalities that constitute the vast and vibrant region to the north of Toronto, Ontario, have been taking bold steps toward a better future.